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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Books -- Conditioning and FitnessNon-Members Members
5120 2008 International Coaching Seminar Journal E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
188 300 Innovative Soccer Drills for Total Player Development$14.20 each$13.49 each
1052 A Year in the Championship$30.00 each$27.75 each
5137 A Year in the Championship E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
1197 Advanced Training$19.99 each$18.99 each
242 Coaching High Performance Soccer$9.95 each$8.95 each
5128 Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3: A Pre-Season Training Curriculum E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
185 Conditioning for Soccer$18.95 each$18.00 each
1154 Conditioning for Soccer$9.95 each$9.45 each
265 Coordination, Agility and Speed Training for Soccer$14.95 each$13.45 each
1204 Creative Soccer Training$19.95 each$18.95 each
226 Effective Use of the Agility Ladder for Soccer$12.30 each$11.68 each
1215 Fitness For Soccer$9.99 each$9.49 each
248 Fitness Training for Soccer$14.95 each$13.45 each
1050 Full Season Conditioning Program (Book)$30.00 each$27.75 each
1169 High-Powered Plyometrics$19.95 each$18.95 each
1233 Master The Game - Defender$4.99 each$4.74 each
1234 Master The Game - Goalkeeper$4.99 each$4.74 each
1232 Master The Game - Midfielder$4.99 each$4.74 each
1231 Master The Game - Striker$4.99 each$4.74 each
5123 MLS Off Season Strength and Conditioning for Soccer Players E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
1088 Modern Soccer Coaching - Tactical$30.00 each$27.75 each
1087 Modern Soccer Coaching - Technical$30.00 each$27.75 each
1089 Modern Soccer Coaching - Technical and Tactical$39.95 per set$36.95 per set
786 Nutrition for Soccer Players$10.95 each$9.85 each
1235 Premier Soccer$19.95 each$18.95 each
268 Safe Coaching$5.95 each$5.35 each
5126 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Academy Training Sessions E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
787 Soccer Attacking Schemes and Training Exercises$14.20 each$13.49 each
5127 Soccer Conditioning E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
1228 Soccer Fitness and Injury Prevention$19.95 each$18.95 each
291 Soccer Fitness Training$12.95 each$11.65 each
938 Soccer Homework - Skill Drills for 1 to 3 Players$12.30 each$11.68 each
168 Soccer Secrets to Success - Things Great Players and Coaches Should Know$14.95 each$13.45 each
4031 Soccer Specific Full Season Conditioning Program CD-ROM & Book$49.95 per set$46.20 per set
269 Soccer Training$19.95 each$17.95 each
167 Soccer Training - Games, Drills and Fitness Practices$14.95 each$13.45 each
817 Sport Speed$16.95 each$15.25 each
1198 Techniques for Developing High Speed in Soccer$9.95 each$9.45 each
TDAB The Diabetic Athlete$19.95 each$18.95 each
157 Total Soccer Coaching$14.95 each$13.45 each
1111 Total Soccer Conditioning$40.00 each$37.00 each
940 Warm Ups for Soccer - A Dynamic Approach$14.95 each$13.45 each

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