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SoccerROM's Privacy Policy

SoccerROM values your privacy on the Internet, and we want you to know about the steps we've taken to protect it.

Secure Transactions
All orders you submit to SoccerROM are secured using Netscape's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that your credit card information remains confidential in transit. We process credit card payments using state-of-the-art systems from Authorize.Net, a leading Internet Commerce vendor who has a proven record for handling electronic payments securely. Finally, we do not accept "repeating" credit card orders, so you will only be charged for the orders you place, when you place them.

Personal Information
When we request personal information from you (to create a new Membership account, or to process a SoccerMall order), we will only use that information to provide the requested services directly to you. We do not sell or share our membership lists with anyone. In addition, SoccerROM Members can view and update all of their personal information in our databases at any time by clicking on the "Account Info" button in the Members Area.

Data that you enter using our Team Management Tools (including player contact information) cannot be viewed by anyone else unless you explicitly choose to make that data publicly viewable (via the public Rosters or Schedules features).

Each user is required to select a username and password when creating a new Membership account, and Members can change their passwords at any time using the "Change Password" feature in the Members Area. To protect the privacy of your data, it is a violation of your SoccerROM Membership Agreement to share your membership account or logon information with anyone else.

The SoccerROM Members Area and Subscription process require the use of "cookies" to enable the personalized nature of our service. Cookies are data elements that a web server can send to your browser, and which your browser stores locally on your computer system. SoccerROM's cookies automatically expire within 24 hours and cannot be returned to any other server. Thus, they cannot be used for any other purpose (such as tracking your browsing patterns across web sites or sessions).

E-Mail Correspondence
All SoccerROM Members and SoccerMall customers are required to provide at least one valid e-mail address to be used by SoccerROM for the purposes of providing service directly to you. E-mail correspondence will typically be limited to delivering payment receipts, welcome messages, reset passwords, renewal notices, maintenance/upgrade notices, and order status messages.

In addition, non-Members can "opt-in" or "opt-out" of periodic electronic mailings regarding new features and promotions related to SoccerROM's services. These e-mail addresses will not be shared with, or sold to, any other organization or individual. Visitors to the site can be added to our mailing list by sending a note to subscribe@soccerrom.com requesting to be included on this list. Similarly, anyone can request to have a specific e-mail address permanently blocked from our list messages by writing to admin@soccerrom.com from that address. Because we do not wish to mail anyone who does not want to receive mail from us, SoccerROM actively filters all outbound list messages to ensure that blocked addresses are not contacted.

Questions? Comments? Contributions? Contact us at admin@soccerrom.com 
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