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Advertising on SoccerROM

SoccerROM offers soccer-related companies the opportunity to advertise on www.SoccerROM.com. With subscribers from all 50 US states and 97 different countries around the world, SoccerROM is a great place to get your company's name out on the world-wide scene!

Advertising Information

SoccerROM holds strict standards for speed, content, and cross-platform support. Therefore, SoccerROM only plans to partner with a select few companies to advertise on www.SoccerROM.com at the present time.

Banner Specifications:

Banner advertisements must be submitted to SoccerROM in .gif or .jpeg format only, be less than 20K in file size, and measure 130 pixels wide by 130 pixels high. Banners will link to a URL provided by the advertiser in the original agreement, and up to ten words of additional text may appear beneath the graphic. Changes or corrections to an advertisement are the responsibility of the advertiser and its agency, but all advertisements are subject to editorial approval by the SoccerROM staff.

Posting Dates:

Ads will be posted to the site on or prior to the first of each contracted month, and will remain on the site until the last day of the scheduled month's run.

Advertising Deadlines:

The advertising deadline for posting of your advertisement on SoccerROM is the 21st of the month prior to the month of posting (January 21st for Februrary 1 posting, for example). Ads received after this deadline may be posted at the sole discretion of SoccerROM.


Established advertisers will be invoiced via e-mail after their banner has been posted on the SoccerROM website. First-time advertisers must pay for their first month's run prior to initial posting; future months' payments are due upon receipt of subsequent monthly billing statements e-mailed from SoccerROM.

Past Due Accounts:

No further advertising may be placed or displayed for an account that is more than 30 days past due. Upon the account being brought current, ad placements may continue to run as scheduled. SoccerROM will add a service charge of 5% per month for all amounts held over 30 days.


SoccerROM accepts an advertisement upon the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the rights to publish the contents. By placing an advertising order, the advertiser and its agency assume responsibility for any claims arising from the contents of an advertisement against SoccerROM, its employees, and agents. In addition, the advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold harmless SoccerROM, its employees, and agents against any expense or loss (including reasonable attorney's fees) by reason of claim arising out of publication.


SoccerROM reserves the right to discontinue, defer or cancel publishing with or without notice all or any portion of the site or any advertisement. SoccerROM's sole responsibility in the event of its failure to publish an advertisement is limited to a refund of the charges that may have been paid, or to publish the advertisement at the next available opportunity.

To Place an Ad:

If your soccer-related company is interested in advertising on www.SoccerROM.com, please contact us at admin@soccerrom.com and we will reply with our current rates.

Questions? Comments? Contributions? Contact us at admin@soccerrom.com 
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