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SoccerROM's Special Features

Featured Coaching Essays

We all know that there is more to coaching than just running great practices. So, to help you develop your own strategies for successful soccer, SoccerROM posts an in-depth essay on a new topic each month. These articles are provided by the SoccerROM staff and a number of other prominent coaches from around the US and the world, and will discuss everything from technical teaching points to team tactics.

Read our current featured essay: "Small-sided Games"

Featured Training Exercises

The SoccerROM Practice Planning Database contains over 750 training exercises, each with a 3-D illustration and classified by ability level and practice progression stage. Each month, we feature six of these activities (three targeted toward field players, and three focused on goalkeeping) on the site. To see our current featured training exercises, be sure to visit the links below.

Exercise #1: Pairs Tag
Exercise #2: High Balls Over a Bag
Exercise #3: 2v1 Sieve
Exercise #4: Footwork Through Cones
Exercise #5: Knockout!
Exercise #6: "Rapid Fire" Shots and Saves

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Customer Comments

"Many thanks for your superb website. It has helped me progress and broaden my knowledge on football and progress my coaching career."

-RG (London, England)

"I love your site and have used it for the past few seasons. I have gotten about 8 coaches to join and they all love it."

-BE (Centerport, New York)

"You have tons of great info for soccer coaches. Thanks very much for the info and mailings. Keep up the good work!"

-JM (Bedford, Massachusetts)


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