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Preconfigured Practice Plans

Don't have time to plan a full practice on your own? Looking for ideas on how to teach a specific topic? If so, you'll want to check out SoccerROM's Plan Library. This collection of preconfigured practice plans provides a variety of "model sessions" that you can use to help you improve your own plans, or that you can simply "print and go" when you run short on time before your team's practice.

All SoccerROM Members have access to the Plan Library, which currently includes the following 85 sessions:


Micro Soccer: Ball Striking #1


Micro Soccer: Ball Striking #2


Micro Soccer: Dribbling Games #1


Micro Soccer: Dribbling Games #2


Micro Soccer: Dribbling Games #3


Micro Soccer: Dribbling Games #4


Micro Soccer: Dribbling Games #5


Micro Soccer: Fun Fitness Activities #1


Micro Soccer: Fun Fitness Activities #2


Micro Soccer: Fun Fitness Activities #3


Micro Soccer: Fun Fitness Activities #4


Micro Soccer: Fun with Dribbling!


Pre-Game Warm-up for Micro Teams

Beginning (Field Players)

Ball Control - Chest and Thigh Traps


Ball Control Basics


Ball Winning


Defensive Pressure and Cover


Dribbling Games


Dribbling to Attack


Finding Open Space


Finishing Basics


Finishing Under Pressure


Introduction to Chipping


Introduction to Heading #1


Introduction to Heading #2


Introduction to Instep Volleys


Introduction to Push Volleys


Introduction to Short Support


Moving After the Pass


Passing Basics #1


Passing Basics #2


Pre-Game Warm-up for Younger Teams




Transition and Recovery


Triangles and Short Support


Turning with the Ball


Working in Pairs

Beginning (Goalkeeping)

Goalkeeping: Basic Boxing and Punching


Goalkeeping: Catching


Goalkeeping: Distribution


Goalkeeping: Diving


Goalkeeping: Footwork


Goalkeeping: Introduction to High Balls

Intermediate/Advanced (Field Players)

1v1 Attacking: Taking Players On


1v1 Defending: Angle/Speed of Approach


Breaking Pressure in the Defensive Third


Changing the Point of Attack


Collective Defending


Combination Play


Crossing and Chipping in Attack


Crossover Run Combinations in the Attacking Third


Defensive Clearances


Defensive Cover


Finishing and Following Up


Finishing Breakaways


Finishing Crosses


Finishing from Wide Angles


Finishing off the Turn


Immediate Chase and Defensive Recovery


Injury Prevention Warm-up and Cool-down Routines


Passing for Penetration


Passing for Possession


Passing with the Inside of the Outside Foot


Pre-Game Warm-up for Older Teams


Receiving Balls from the Air


Shielding and Turning Under Pressure


Skill Training Indoors


Skills Testing Program for Field Players


Transition and Counterattacking


Wall Passes and Immediate Close Support

Intermediate/Advanced (Goalkeeping)

Goalkeeping: 1v1


Goalkeeping: Advanced Diving


Goalkeeping: Crossed Balls


Goalkeeping: Dealing with Passbacks


Goalkeeping: Distribution from the Feet


Goalkeeping: Distribution from the Hands


Goalkeeping: Diving Backwards


Goalkeeping: Footwork


Goalkeeping: High Balls


Goalkeeping: Power Diving


Goalkeeping: Pre-Game Warm-Up


Goalkeeping: Punching to Clear High Balls


Goalkeeping: Reaction Training


Goalkeeping: Smothering and Other Forward Diving


Goalkeeping: Tipping/Parrying Balls on a Dive


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Customer Comments

"If you haven't tried this site out I urge you to do so. For a beginning youth coach it has quite an extensive database to get you up and running. More useful than a book of drills for about the same price. I have been using this site for just a month and the kids love the practices we have put together for them."

-BN (Oswego, Illinois)

"I'm looking forward to a new season with SoccerROM on my team's bench. I got a huge amount of great material last season. It enabled me to structure creative practices easily and focus on a learnable set of skills each day."

-TB (Keller, Texas)

"Your site is very user friendly. I build web pages for a living and this is the type of site I like. Well done."

-DS (Jackson, New Jersey)

"Well, your site could really be the greatest thing since sliced bread for coaches. I've told at least four other coaches about the site, and will probably communicate to many more."

-DR (Eden Prairie, Minnesota)


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