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Planning Your Practices with SoccerROM

After you log on to SoccerROM as a member (using your unique username and password), you will have access to all the great features SoccerROM offers. From here, you can use the Exercise Search Screen to specify a coaching topic and ability level, a search phrase, or a specific exercise number, and then search the database to find exercises that match your search criteria.

SoccerROM will return a list of appropriate exercises, sorted by progression level (Teaching Points and Warm-Up exercises first, followed by Fundamental, Small Group, and Team activities). Using this list as your starting point, you can then "drill down" into the details of each exercise with a single mouse click. Each exercise detail includes:

  • A fully-rendered 3-D illustration
  • A short objective statement
  • A detailed description
  • Any variants or progression phases for the exercise
When you find an exercise you want to use in your practice, simply click on the "Add to Practice Plan" button, and SoccerROM will begin to build your unique practice plan. Add as many exercises as you like, delete ones you no longer need, or erase the entire plan to start over. You can even specify the order of events in your plan, add your own comments to the top of your plan, and add notes to the end of each selected exercise!

Once you've completed your practice plan, print it out and you will have a professionally illustrated plan to keep you organized and "on track" during all your training sessions. Or, if you're really short on time, take advantage of our growing collection of pre-configured practice plans in the SoccerROM Plan Library, and you can have a session ready in just minutes!

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Customer Comments

"I am a BIG fan of SoccerROM and have had 5 people sign up because I told them what a great site you have. I use it all the time. Thanks for the article and keep up the GOOD work!"

-RK (Gibsonia, Pennsylvania)

"Tryouts began Monday, and I expect to use the site everyday for the next two months. I can't praise the site enough. You guys have done an amazing job."

-CH (Clinton, New York)

"I'm a recreational coach for U10 boys and U14 girls in the Atlanta area. I have been a subscriber and huge fan of SoccerROM for over three years. The site and articles have been the best source I've found to help me make soccer fun and a development opportunity for the many young players on our teams. SoccerROM has provided the most help in setting up the practices. I'm able to build practice sessions that focus on the skills we want to improve and provide enough variety to keep the kids engaged and having fun.

Now to the reason I'm writing. Your latest article 'Analyzing Your Team's Defensive Play' is such a valuable next step to help improve my coaching skills. It has highlighted key areas to help us understand how to improve our team's play. Your writing style and clear outline helps take what could be a complicated analysis and make it a valuable tool for improving our play."

-GH (Cumming, Georgia)


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