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SoccerROM's Calendar Tools

You can also maintain and publish your team calendar online using the same tools used to maintain player records and team rosters. The Schedule Center allows you to add an unlimited number of events to your calendar, edit them, repeat them, delete them, and so on! You can view your schedules a month at a time, or view calendars and a list of events for an entire season. In addition, you can create a calendar for just one of your teams, or view a calendar that includes events entered for all the teams in your club.

Schedule Sample

Once you've completed your schedule, print it out and you will have an easy-to-read calendar to keep you, your players, and your players' parents on-track during the season. You will also have the ability to add or change events on your team's calendar. Just like your rosters, if you want to share your calendar information online with others, SoccerROM will provide you with another custom URL that you can pass out to your team or link to from your own website.

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