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SoccerROM's Team Roster Tools

Membership in SoccerROM also gives you access to SoccerROM's Team Management Tools. From here, you can maintain your own database of players and create team rosters to keep you organized with the management of your team.

Sample Roster

Entering players into your personalized database is easy! The Player Info page contains 22 fields where you can enter different information about your players (to include a general comments section). Roster Management is just as simple. The Team Roster page allows you to customize each roster by designating which fields you'd like to "Show" or "Hide". In addition, you can add personalized headings to the top of each roster, and add as many players as you want to all the rosters you create. You can sort your rosters by any of the listed fields and you can delete or edit entire rosters or individual player records with just a click of the mouse. If you want to share your roster information online with others, SoccerROM will provide you with a custom URL that you can pass out to your team or link to from your own website, but the decision to do so is entirely yours.

Roster Template Sample

With SoccerROM, everything is simple to use and handy to have. Once you've completed your rosters, print them out and you will have a professionally organized roster to keep you and your team manager "in control" of your player management requirements! If you travel extensively, imagine the convenience of being able to access your team roster online from any computer anywhere in the world, without having to worry about having your files or CD with you. You will have access to your player's phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and all the information contained in the rest of the fields at any hour of the day or night. No need to worry about confidentiality, either, as only YOU can edit your player's information.

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Customer Comments

"Many thanks for the programme which I received today. Excellent publication and really professional. I work in the professional game at Leeds Utd in the UK and I am sure your programme will enhance the development of the U-10s."

-AS (Lancashire, England)

"I'm a recent subscriber (about two weeks) and find this site one of my most visited and useful. As an AYSO U-8 boys coach, coming up with a lot of drills to keep the boys' attention is a weekly feat. SoccerROM has really given me a lot of great ideas. I also like the Team Management portion."

-JS (Camarillo, California)

"Let me tell you that I am very pleased to have found your site and have recommended it to other fellow coaches. Your schedule center has been a very convenient way for me to communicate information to my team without all the hassles of making phone calls. Now that you've spoiled me with the convenience of using your site, I would hate to have to go back to the phones again."

-DP (Voorhees, New Jersey)


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