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Overview of Member Benefits

As a SoccerROM member, you have access to the largest database of training exercises found anywhere on the Internet. You also have access to SoccerROM's Team Management Tools, which allow you to build rosters to keep track of your players online, and publish team calendars to keep your players informed about team events.

Since SoccerROM's Practice Planning Application is built around an interactive database, you can quickly find the exercises that meet your exact needs. No more flipping through books to find one good exercise. No more lost scraps of paper where you scratched out a few exercises you hoped to run someday. As a SoccerROM subscriber, you can easily develop a plan customized for your team--every time you take the field!

With access to the Internet, you can run SoccerROM from anywhere--home, work, or your laptop--to plan your practices or access your rosters while "on the go". There are no books or CDs to buy. And, unlike books and CDs, SoccerROM is constantly being updated. Your one-time subscription will bring you a full year of exciting new exercises and upgraded features!

As you will see, SoccerROM is much more than just another website--it is the world's first web-based application designed exclusively for soccer coaches! Take the tour, and learn how SoccerROM harnesses the power of the Internet to help you improve your practices and your team.

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Customer Comments

"As you may know, I have been around a lot of soccer in a variety of aspects, but mainly on the playing field with the US National Team and for MLS. I want to let you know from my initial reviews I really enjoy your product. Please let me know if I can be of assistance."

-PC (Pomona, California)

"I am absolutely thrilled with your service. I am now using your practices at our local school's Saturday Morning Soccer Club over here in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK. Keep it going."

-PE (Somerset, England)


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