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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Videos & DVDs -- Training Exercises and DrillsNon-Members Members
YRD-04152 2,000 Touches to Better Soccer 3-Pack$79.99 per set$75.99 per set
YRD-04152B 2,000 Touches to Better Soccer: Juggling and Receiving Exercises$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03536D 21 Exercises for Improving Possession & Passing$29.99 each$27.74 each
YRD-04406 24 Fun Activities for Youth Soccer$39.99 each$36.99 each
RD-02508 25 Innovative Possession Drills$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-01172 25 Shooting Exercises$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-02265 2v2 Pressure Defense Drills$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04372 30 Shooting Exercises to Score Goals$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-02298 4-4-2 Off-Balance Offense DVD 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-02267 7 Full-Field Defensive Pressure Drills$29.99 each$27.74 each
D3652 Advanced Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
RD-04096 Alan Kirkup 4-Pack$99.99 per set$94.99 per set
RD-04555 All Access Florida Soccer Practice$119.99 per set$110.99 per set
RD-04935A All Access Soccer Practice: Attacking in Transition$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03532 All Access Virginia Soccer Practice$39.99 each$36.99 each
5450 All The Right Drills$19.99 each$18.99 each
7156 All The Right Soccer Moves, Skills and Drills$39.99 per set$37.99 per set
RD-04506 Anson Dorrance Championship Soccer Series$174.99 per set$161.87 per set
RD-04506A Anson Dorrance: Train Like a Champion$39.99 each$36.99 each
RD-03946B Attacking and Defending Set Pieces$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04373B Attacking Exercises for Tiki-Taka Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04096B Attacking Exercises to Improve Soccer Technique$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05110C Attacking the Goal: Breaking Your Opponent's Defensive Line$29.99 each$27.74 each
5529 Ball Control - Italian Style (Blu-ray Disc)$24.99 each$23.74 each
5429 Ball Control - Italian Style (DVD)$24.99 each$23.74 each
5436 Ball Control 2 - Italian Style$24.99 each$23.74 each
RD-02507 Being "Smart on the Ball": 13 Advanced Turns for Soccer Players$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04630 Bobby Clark Championship 3-Pack$104.99 per set$97.12 per set
RD-04215 Brandon Koons Soccer Drills 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-03946 Brandon Koons' Attacking and Defending 3-Pack$79.99 per set$73.99 per set
YRD-04592D Breakdown Activities for Youth Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05055B Breaking the Last Line of the Defense$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05023 Brian McMahon's Goal Scoring 3-Pack$79.99 per set$73.99 per set
RD-02679C Butch Lauffer's 12 Best Training Games$29.99 each$27.74 each
5491 Champion's Soccer Series Disc 1$24.99 each$23.74 each
5492 Champion's Soccer Series Disc 2$24.99 each$23.74 each
RD-04025 Championship Progressions for Teaching Attacking and Defending in Soccer$54.99 per set$52.24 per set
RD-04153 Chris Kranjc's Pressure Soccer 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-04154B Circuit Training and Conditioning with the Ball$29.99 each$27.74 each
5403 Club Coach: The Practical Guide to Coaching Young Children (DVD)$24.99 each$23.74 each
5428 Coaching Adults 17+$24.99 each$23.74 each
5457 Coaching Futsal$17.99 each$17.09 each
RD-04154 Coaching Soccer 4-Pack$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
D3112 Coaching the 1-4-3-3 with Tony DiCicco$29.95 each$26.95 each
RD-04405 Coaching to Win in Soccer Series$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
RD-05023C Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal$29.99 each$27.74 each
YRD-04592B Conditioning Drills with the Ball for Youth Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04405C Connecting to Win: Putting It All Together$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03946A Creating an Attacking Mindset$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03317D Creating Dynamic Soccer Practices$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04405B Creating to Win: Attacking in the Final Third$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04268 Dave Barrett's Coaching Soccer 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-03317 Dave Brandt 4-Pack$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
RD-03946C Defending Tactics and Exercises$29.99 each$27.74 each
D327 Developing the 360° Player (DVD)$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3271 Developing the 360° Player Book+DVD Combo$34.95 per set$31.45 per set
D110 Developing the First Touch$28.45 each$27.03 each
RD-04739 Doug Elder 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
YRD-04592E Drill Progressions for Youth Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-02027B Drills for the Triangle Offense$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03534 Drills to Build the Dynamic 4-1-4-1 Formation$29.99 each$27.74 each
D923 Dutch Goalkeeper Drills Volume 2: Advanced Skills$29.95 each$26.95 each
YRD-04370A Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing on Your Own$24.99 each$23.12 each
YRD-04370B Dynamic Soccer Moves & Drills for Practicing with a Partner$24.99 each$23.12 each
RD-04371 Exercises to Teach Transition Play$29.99 each$27.74 each
7136 FA Learning Soccer Training 3 DVD Set$39.95 per set$37.95 per set
RD-03715 Finishing Drills for Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04215A Finishing: Individual and Team Aspects$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03317A Game Action Soccer Drills for Technical Ability$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04154A Game-Like Goal Scoring Drills for Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
D324SET Games for Youth Soccer 2-DVD Set$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
RD-03536 George Kuntz 4-Pack$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
D135 Goalkeeping Drills$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3811 Heroes of the Future - Part 1: The AJAX Playing Style$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3813 Heroes of the Future - Part 3: 7 to 12 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3814 Heroes of the Future - Part 4: 12 to 15 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3815 Heroes of the Future - Part 5: 15 to 18 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D381 Heroes of the Future - The Ajax Education Series$89.95 per set$80.95 per set
RD-05055A How to Improve Crossing and Finishing$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04934 Ian Barker's Skills and Activities for Soccer 3-Pack$79.99 per set$73.99 per set
D3651 Individual Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
7146 Italian Style Set$49.99 per set$47.49 per set
YRD-04592 Jason Sisneros Coaching Youth Soccer Series$119.99 per set$110.99 per set
RD-05024 Jay Entlich Coaching Soccer 4-Pack$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
RD-05055 Jay Hoffman's Attacking Soccer 3-Pack$79.99 per set$73.99 per set
RD-04935 Jay Martin's All Access Soccer Practice 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-04630B Keep Ball Drills for Improving Possession$39.99 each$36.99 each
YRD-04370 Kendall Fletcher's Soccer Moves and Drills for Youth 2-Pack$44.99 per set$41.62 per set
RD-04096D Maximize the Efficiency of Your Training Sessions$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03535 Maximizing Your Talent for Soccer Success$49.99 per set$46.24 per set
D902 Midfield Penetration$29.95 each$26.95 each
5416 NSCAA Player Development - DVD$24.99 each$23.74 each
7108 NSCAA Soccer Coaches Guides$44.95 per set$42.70 per set
7121 NSCAA Soccer Coaches Guides (Set of Three DVDs)$49.99 per set$47.49 per set
YRD-04592C Offensive and Defensive Systems for Youth Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04630A Open Practice: Offensive and Defensive Tactics$39.99 each$36.99 each
D3111 Playing the 1-3-4-3 with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
RD-04153B Possession with Purpose Utilizing Small-Sided Games$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03317B Practicing Technical Precision for Game Play$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-03198 Pre-Season Activities and Drills$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04153A Pressing in a 4-3-3$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05024C Progressions for Becoming a More Efficient Shooting and Finishing Team$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04027 Richard Smith 2-Pack$59.99 per set$56.99 per set
RD-04096C Running a Dynamic Soccer Practice$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05110 Schellas Hyndman Coaching Soccer 5-Pack$119.99 per set$110.99 per set
RD-05023B Small-Sided Transition Games Progressing to Goal$29.99 each$27.74 each
7133 Soccer - How To Coach and How To Play (Set of 3 DVDs)$39.99 per set$37.99 per set
5410 Soccer Coaches Guide Part 3: Technical Exercises For Youth Players$24.99 each$23.74 each
RD-05202 Soccer Conditioning & Fitness via Warm-Up Drills, Small-Sided Games, & Cool-Down Drills$29.99 each$27.74 each
5434 Soccer Counter Attacking - The Quick Strike$24.99 each$23.74 each
5444 Soccer Defending - Italian Style$24.99 each$23.74 each
D7681 Soccer Drills - Part 1: Individual Skill Drills$29.95 each$26.95 each
D7682 Soccer Drills - Part 2: Small-Sided Game and Combination Play$29.95 each$26.95 each
D924 Soccer Drills for 11-14 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D768 Soccer Drills Set$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
SEQ1 Soccer EyeQ - Developing Vision and Awareness Volume 1$49.95 each$44.95 each
7009 Soccer Games (Set of 2 DVDs)$29.99 per set$28.49 per set
D324 Soccer Games for 6-8 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D325 Soccer Games for 8-10 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
D341 Soccer Made in Brazil - Recreational Games for Soccer$29.95 each$26.95 each
D336 Soccer Made in Brazil - Soccer Training Using Game Situations$29.95 each$26.95 each
D333SET Soccer Made in Brazil 13-DVD SET$349.95 per set$332.45 per set
5451 Soccer Practice Simplified DVD$19.99 each$18.99 each
7149 Soccer Practice Simplified Set$24.99 per set$23.74 per set
D365 Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance (2-DVD set)$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
7099 Soccer Speed and All The Right Moves Video Set (DVD)$42.70 per set$40.56 per set
5413 Soccer Speed: Fast Feet, Fast Moves (DVD)$24.99 each$23.74 each
D306SET Soccer the Brazilian Way 4-DVD Set$99.95 per set$89.95 per set
RD-04269 Steve McCrath Soccer 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-04730 Technical Skills for Soccer 4-Pack$99.99 per set$92.49 per set
RD-04730B Technical Skills for Soccer: Attacking$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04730D Technical Skills for Soccer: Passing and Receiving$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04730C Technical Skills for Soccer: Shooting, Finishing, Crossing, and Heading$29.99 each$27.74 each
7142 Technical Soccer Training 3 DVD Set$39.99 per set$37.99 per set
7128 Technical Soccer Training Set$49.99 per set$47.49 per set
RD-04268A Techniques and Tactics for Transition Defending$29.99 each$27.74 each
5420 The Pro Training Skill Factor DVD$24.99 each$23.74 each
RD-02027 The Triangle Offense 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-04373 Tiki-Taka System for Soccer 2-Pack$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
RD-04269B Training Games for Attacking Play$29.99 each$27.74 each
D231 Training Sessions From Around the World$28.45 each$27.03 each
RD-04735 Transition Soccer: Play Fast, Play with Numbers$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-05055C Using the Midfield to Break the Last Line of Defense$29.99 each$27.74 each
D326 Vision Training for Soccer$29.95 each$26.95 each
RD-04934A Warm-Up Skills & Activities for Soccer$29.99 each$27.74 each
RD-04405D Working to Win: Fitness with the Ball$29.99 each$27.74 each

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