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Attacking the Goal: Breaking Your Opponent's Defensive Line

Item Code: RD-05110C
Price: $29.99 each
$27.74 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

with Brent Erwin,
Grand Canyon University Assistant Coach; former goalkeeper coach with FC Dallas of the MLS (Major League Soccer); former goalkeeper coach with the U17 Men's U.S. National Team; former SMU Head Coach

If there was a video on the market that could drastically increase your team's scoring opportunities, would you buy it? Brent Erwin's leading edge drills continually place attackers in an endless array of scoring positions, unleashing their offensive prowess.

Coach Erwin takes you through a series of fast-paced drills that teach players how to attack the back line. His innovative second ball drill simulates many of the second chance scoring opportunities that players often miss in games. He turns typical passing combination drills into short, action packed competitions, forcing players out of their comfort zone.

Warm-up Series

You can now skip slow, tedious warm-up drills and move straight into game actions that foster team chemistry while at the same time double as a dynamic warm-up. After a short white board session, Erwin walks players though the combinations used for future drills. The crawl, walk, and run approach is used, giving you the flexibility to emphasize your own team needs. As the warm-up progresses, defensive players are added to create game-like conditions.

One-Touch Opportunities

Coach Erwin challenges old soccer training methodology with his use of "second ball" during game action. Players discover how to score more off of one-touch opportunities. His emphasis on scoring positions puts players in spots that the defense can't keep up with.

He takes one of the hardest ideas for your young soccer players to master, identifying and attacking the defensive back line, and turns it into a strength. Coach Erwin's principles and progressions are intuitive, allowing coaches of all age groups to seamlessly apply them to practices. Your players will learn to:

  • Identify key scoring spots for more shots on goal
  • Transition from an attacking pattern into scoring spots to increase the number of second chance shots
  • Shoot off one touch, which improves scoring IQ
  • Learn how to break the back line with sophisticated angles and passes
  • Integrate passing patterns that confuse back line formations and leave them more susceptible to open shots
7v7+1 Exercise

Coach Erwin uses a free flow style of coaching and only stops play after several minutes to allow players to solve problems on their own. This style rapidly increases a team's IQ and chemistry while reducing the number of wasted possessions.

Score more goals using Brent Erwin's innovative instruction on the best ways to break the opponent's defensive line!

56 minutes. 2017.

Available in DVD format only.

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