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Breaking the Last Line of the Defense

Item Code: RD-05055B
Price: $29.99 each
$27.74 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

with Jay Hoffman,
Centre College Head Women's Coach; 2015 NCAA DIII Final Four;
4x SAA Conference Champions (2012-15)

One of the top tactical trends in Europe is breaking the last line of defense and the different ways a team can achieve this. In this video, Jay Hoffman demonstrates how he teaches his team to break the lines and the techniques that have made his team an attacking threat. These tactics have given his team back to back NCAA Final Four and Elite Eight appearances.

Coach Hoffman shows you how important it is to have the correct team shape, timing of runs, proper decision-making, and the right attitude toward breaking the lines. He provides in-depth illustrations, both on a white board and on the field, to show these different ideas on how to break the lines. He explains the teaching points he emphasizes during the games:

  • Good communication before you pass the ball
  • Vertical, lateral & "C" cup runs by the high target player
  • Runs that trigger other runs going into the final third
  • Getting players to the correct foot, which will lay the foundation to break the lines

Mastering the Tactic of Breaking Lines

Hoffman has specific instructions to apply to your training sessions. All five of these training instructions can be applied in different aspects of the game.
  • Three Step Rule - This rule encourages getting away after making a pass to create space
  • Leave and Replace - Leave a space to create space
  • Play Faster but Keep Possession - One touch is the fastest way, but, it's not always the best way to play
  • Pass the Ball Where the Defender is Not - Look for the open foot or side away from the defender to help retain possession
  • Play the Player that is Moving - Don't go for the "home run" ball when it isn't on

Practice Segments

Hoffman develops a fluid session that encourages players to constantly think about how to get behind the line of defense. One of the things he does well is create exercises that reflect the true speed of the game. His progressions within each exercise are meaningful and his restrictions challenge players to try different ways to break in behind the last line of defense.

He begins with a three-man unopposed passing pattern that lays the foundation to his team's ability to break the line. The emphasis in this drill is that the players develop a good sense of rhythm when passing, the decision-making based on which foot the player receives with, and how to play based on the type of pressure the player has on their back.

The second progression is a 4v1 small sided game. This is where he trains his players to play using the correct shape, runs, and decision-making to be able to break the line. Hoffman demonstrates two progressions within the 4v1 that help drive the point home with the type of runs needed to be dangerous. After the 4v1, he adds more pressure to make it 4v2, 4v3, and 4v4. During these games, the focus changes more to the decision-making based on the defender's positioning and implementing Hoffman's five training principles.

The third segment features a 4v4 game using all three thirds of the field. It's here the players try and keep possession in the middle third to be able to find that entry ball in the opponent's final third. This small-sided game does a great job of getting your players to make the correct runs off the ball to be dangerous. After players grasp playing in the thirds, they play a normal game to find the solutions within the game.

Every coach must teach their team how to break down opposition lines - Coach Hoffman does that, and more, in this innovative video!

57 minutes. 2016

Available in DVD format only.

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