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Breakdown Activities for Youth Soccer

Item Code: YRD-04592D
Price: $29.99 each
$27.74 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

with Jason Sisneros,
University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Soccer Coach and Director of Match Analysis;
2012 National Champions (and 22 National Collegiate Championships);
youth soccer coach for 17+ years - has led youth teams to state and regional titles; NSCAA Premier Diploma

As a 17-year veteran of the youth coaching ranks, Jason Sisneros knows what youth players need to improve--a good technical foundation. In this presentation, he shows creative ideas that players can work on during non-practice times by themselves to build on team skills. Coach Sisneros presents several drills that will improve your players' technical foundation and touch on the ball in a challenging and fun environment.

Basic Cone Weave:
Coach Sisneros starts with the basic weave, which allows for lots of touches on the ball. Players alternate between inside and outside of foot, working on keeping close control. Not only does this provide repetition on the technical aspects of foot skills, but it encourages players to be creative and dynamic with the ball. The drill progresses to more advanced touches, ie: foot rolls, scissors, stepovers.

Gate Dribbling:
This drill progression starts with basic dribbling, and progresses to change of direction in an open field, change of direction in a tight space, and change of pace. It incorporates moves learned earlier in the video to show progression.

Passing Drills:
This series focuses on receiving the ball cleanly and playing a good pass. It begins with 10-yard target passing between player and coach, increasing distance to ensure accuracy. Coach Sisneros uses a series of activities using gates and to simulate defenders, and emphasizes a good first touch to prepare the ball for the pass. Checking to the ball and other variations are added to the drill to increase intensity, difficulty, and to make the drill more game like.

Finishing Drills:
The final series of drills focuses on finishing. All of these finishing activities build on the previous drills. They include a receiving, dribbling, and a finishing element, adding technical repetition as well as making the situation more game like. Finishing around cones, finishing through gates, and the McBride drill all stress good touches and good technical finishing, low and to the far post.

These drills also increase soccer fitness with constant movement and ball touches for the individual player!

With the help of Coach Sisneros' video, players will learn that they can take practice ideas and continue to further their skills outside of the designated practice times.

78 minutes. 2014.

Available in DVD format only.

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