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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Books -- E-BooksNon-Members Members
5119 2007 International Coaching Seminar Journal E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5120 2008 International Coaching Seminar Journal E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5124 2008 Nebraska Coaches Clinic Journal E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5151 2v1 Attacking Drills and Exercises E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5129 50 Coaching Drills E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5137 A Year in the Championship E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5150 Coaching Soccer Champions E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5138 Coaching Soccer Through Small-Sided Games E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5128 Coaching the Dutch 4-3-3: A Pre-Season Training Curriculum E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5157 Coaching the English Premier League 4-4-2 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5135 Coaching the European 3-5-2 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
DMSC2 Developing a Model Soccer Club (E-Book)$9.99 each$8.49 each
5147 Developing Creativity Through Small-Sided Games E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5159 Dutch 'Total Football' E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5148 English Premier League Academy Training Sessions Volume 1 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5149 English Premier League Academy Training Sessions Volume 2 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5131 Formation Based Soccer Training E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5158 Full Season Training Program E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5144 How to Play Against and Beat the 3-5-2 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5146 How to Play Against and Beat the 4-3-3 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5145 How to Play Against and Beat the 4-4-2 E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5152 Improving Your Team's Possession Play E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5132 Improving Your Teams' Speed of Play E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5121 Malawi National Team Journal: World Cup Preparation Sessions E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5123 MLS Off Season Strength and Conditioning for Soccer Players E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5136 Offside! - How to Coach It, How to Use It, How to Counter It E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5143 Players' Roles and Responsibilities in Systems of Play E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5133 Professional Youth Academy Training Sessions E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5100 PSV Eindhoven E-Book - One Week Journal of Training Sessions$27.00 each$24.97 each
5126 Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Academy Training Sessions E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5127 Soccer Conditioning E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
SCSWCM2 SoccerROM Coaching Series: Winning Coaching Methods (E-Book)$7.99 each$6.79 each
5140 Tactical Practices of the Pros E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5139 Technical Practices of the Pros E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5153 The Brazilian Box Midfield E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5134 The Full Season Goalkeeper Training Program E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5130 Three-Dimensional Soccer Training E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5141 Training Sessions of English Premier League Teams (plus other British Teams and Academies) E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each
5142 Training Sessions of Europe's Top Teams (Plus South America, USA and Canada) E-Book$27.00 each$24.97 each

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