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Soccer Parents

Item Code: 1214
Price: $9.99 each
$9.49 for SoccerROM Members)


Special SoccerROM Pricing - reduced from $17.95!

Essential reading for any parent of a young soccer player who wants to get involved and help their child do their very best. Among other topics, this book examines the parent's role in choosing a team and being involved, sharing the interest in the game, and being a 'backyard coach'. 169 pages.


  1. Sharing an interest
  2. The backyard coach
  3. Finding the right team
  4. Being involved
  5. Supporting your child
  6. What children can expect from soccer parents
  7. What soccer parents can expect from children
  8. The training of young players
  9. Using the experience of a soccer parent
  10. Maintaining teenage interest
The FA Learning Official Guides to Success On and Off the Field
A series of six books that provides essential advice and information about key skills for anyone involved in soccer. Each book in the series is packed with practical exercises and features, information, and expert advice which will improve people's understanding and enhance their ability and enjoyment of the world's greatest game.

The use of best practice examples, images, and diagrams mean the books are easy to understand, interactive, and can be used by anyone, from an experienced player to a parent getting involved because their son or daughter wants to play.

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