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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

AccessoriesNon-Members Members
CT2142 Cone Transporter$198.00 each$188.10 each
MCB01 Magnetic Clipboard$13.95 each$12.55 each
MDEB03 Magnetic Dry Erase Board$55.99 each$51.49 each
512 NSCAA Match Analysis Notebook$8.95 each$8.05 each
SA-1 Strike Alert Personal Lightning Detector$109.00 each$103.55 each
ConesNon-Members Members
L111 15" Tall Cone$3.95 each$3.75 each
DC40 Dome Cones$67.00 per set$63.65 per set
L106 Notched Disc Cone$1.00 each$0.95 each
L10612 Set of 12 Notched Disc Cones$9.00 per set$8.55 per set
First AidNon-Members Members
AT15 Athletic Strapping Tape (Case)$99.00 per case$94.05 per case
FACK183 Coach's First Aid Kit$64.00 each$60.80 each
FU30 Foam Underwrap$89.00 per case$84.55 per case
FATK925 Trainer's First Aid Kit$69.00 each$65.55 each
Scrimmage VestsNon-Members Members
TVA European Pro Training Vest (Adult)$1.99 each$1.89 each
RSVA Reversible Scrimmage Vests (Set of 12)$109.00 per set$103.55 per set
SSPO Scrimmage Shirt Pullover$63.00 per set$59.85 per set
SVA Scrimmage Vests (Set of 12 Adult)$69.00 per set$65.55 per set
SVY Scrimmage Vests (Set of 12 Youth)$68.00 per set$64.60 per set
Training ToolsNon-Members Members
KHJR2 2 lb. Heavy Jump Rope$29.95 each$28.45 each
L103 Accu-Arches (Set of 4)$59.95 per set$56.95 per set
L1031 Accu-Arches (Set of 4, with Bag)$84.95 per set$80.70 per set
AR Agility Rings (Set of 12)$18.95 per set$18.00 per set
CCB Chute Carry Bag$9.00 each$8.10 each
CQRB Coach's Quick Release Belt$59.95 each$56.95 each
GW1 Defender Wall$209.00 each$198.55 each
PGGP3 GoalPower 3 - Adjustable Shooting Target$167.00 each$158.65 each
K12PSH Kytec 12" Plastic Speed Hurdle$9.75 each$9.26 each
K6PSH Kytec 6" Plastic Speed Hurdle$9.65 each$9.17 each
KRBLT Kytec Reaction Belt$14.95 per pair$13.95 per pair
KSFL Kytec Speed Foot Ladder$57.95 each$52.95 each
KSFLHR Kytec Speed Foot Ladder - Hard Rung $79.95 each$75.95 each
KSRBELT Kytec Speed Resistor Belt$44.95 each$42.70 each
PFCM Power Fitness Chute - Medium$80.00 each$72.00 each
PFCS Power Fitness Chute - Small$70.00 each$65.10 each
PP24 Power Plyo Platform - Large$129.95 each$123.45 each
PP18 Power Plyo Platform - Medium$119.95 each$113.95 each
PP12 Power Plyo Platform - Small$109.95 each$104.45 each
PG48 PowerGoal (4'x8')$199.00 each$189.05 each
PG612 PowerGoal (6'x12')$306.00 each$290.70 each
PG718 PowerGoal (7'x18')$330.00 each$313.50 each
PG721 PowerGoal (7'x21')$340.00 each$323.00 each
PG824 PowerGoal (8'x24')$375.00 each$356.25 each
PT-BY PowerTrainer (14'x2.5')$124.00 each$117.80 each
PT-T PowerTrainer (27'x4')$170.00 each$161.50 each
SO Stretch Out$19.95 each$18.95 each
STN1 Target Net$170.00 each$161.50 each
PTG824 Training PowerGoal$365.00 each$346.75 each
KTCL Triathlete Chute - Large$69.95 each$59.46 each
KTCM Triathlete Chute - Medium$65.95 each$56.06 each

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