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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Field Equipment -- NetsNon-Members Members
SGN412 4'Hx12'Wx2'Dx4'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$114.00 per pair$108.30 per pair
SKRN2 4'Hx4'W Soccer Rebounder Net (2.5mm White)$78.00 each$74.10 each
SKRN2HD 4'Hx4'W Soccer Rebounder Net (4.5mm White)$78.00 each$74.10 each
SGN49-0 4.5'Hx9'Wx0'Dx4'B Soccer Net (2.5mm White)$123.00 per pair$116.85 per pair
SGN49 4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4'B Soccer Net (2.5mm White)$118.00 per pair$112.10 per pair
STGN510 5'H x 10'W Soccer Training Net (3mm Orange, White)$42.00 each$39.90 each
STGRN510 5'Hx10'W Soccer Training Rebounder Net (2.5mm White)$96.00 each$91.20 each
SGN510 5'Hx10'Wx2'Dx5'B Soccer Net (2.5mm White, Orange)$125.00 per pair$118.75 per pair
SGN610H 6'7"Hx10'Wx3'Dx3'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$164.00 per pair$155.80 per pair
N-612 6'H x 12'W PowerGoal Replacement Net$149.00 each$141.55 each
SKRN 6'Hx6'W Soccer Rebounder Net (4.5mm White)$95.00 each$90.25 each
SGN6806SM 6'Hx8'Wx0'Dx6'B Small Mesh Soccer Net (2.5mm White)$132.00 per pair$125.40 per pair
SGN612-0 6.5'Hx12'Wx0'Dx6'B Soccer Net (2.5mm White)$114.00 per pair$108.30 per pair
SGN612 6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$145.00 per pair$137.75 per pair
SGN618-0 6.5'Hx18'Wx0'Dx6'B Soccer Net (3mm Orange)$124.00 per pair$117.80 per pair
SGN618 6.5'Hx18.5'Wx2'Dx6'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$134.00 per pair$127.30 per pair
N-718 7'H x 18'W PowerGoal Replacement Net$154.00 each$146.30 each
N-721 7'H x 21'W PowerGoal Replacement Net$164.00 each$155.80 each
SGN710F 7'Hx10'Wx4'Dx4'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$159.00 per pair$151.05 per pair
SGN712-0 7'Hx12'Wx0'Dx6'B Soccer Net (2.5mm White)$94.00 per pair$89.30 per pair
SGN712-27 7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx7'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$145.00 per pair$137.75 per pair
SGN712 7'Hx12'Wx4'Dx4'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$99.00 per pair$94.05 per pair
SGN714 7'Hx14'Wx5'Dx5'B Soccer Net (3mm White)$228.00 per pair$216.60 per pair
SGN721-0 7'Hx21'Wx0'Dx7'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$129.00 per pair$122.55 per pair
SGN7213-0 7'Hx21'Wx0'Dx7'B Soccer Net (3mm Orange)$134.00 per pair$127.30 per pair
SGN721 7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$124.00 per pair$117.80 per pair
SGN721-3 7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B Soccer Net (3mm Orange)$144.00 per pair$136.80 per pair
STGRN714 7.5Hx14'W Soccer Training Net (2.5mm White)$114.00 each$108.30 each
STGN718 7.5Hx18'W Soccer Training Net (3mm Orange, White)$74.00 each$70.30 each
STGRN718 7.5Hx18'W Soccer Training Rebounder Net (2.5mm White)$137.00 each$130.15 each
N-824 8'H x 24'W PowerGoal Replacement Net$174.00 each$165.30 each
STGN824 8'Hx24'W Soccer Training Net (3mm Orange)$129.00 each$122.55 each
SGN824-2.5 8'Hx24'Wx0'Dx8'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$99.00 per pair$94.05 per pair
SGN824-2 8'Hx24'Wx0'Dx8'B Soccer Net (2mm Orange)$89.00 per pair$84.55 per pair
SGN824 8'Hx24'Wx0'Dx8'B Soccer Net (3mm Orange)$139.00 per pair$132.05 per pair
SGN3-38 8'Hx24'Wx3'Dx8'B Soccer Net (3mm Red)$168.00 per pair$159.60 per pair
SGN2.5 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Orange)$137.00 per pair$130.15 per pair
SGN2.5C 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (2.5mm Red, Blue, Yellow, White)$150.00 per pair$142.50 per pair
SGN2 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (2mm Orange)$129.00 per pair$122.55 per pair
SGN3 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (3mm Orange)$159.00 per pair$151.05 per pair
SGN3C 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (3mm Red, Blue, Yellow, White)$189.00 per pair$179.55 per pair
SGN4BCBW 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (4mm Blue and White)$323.00 per pair$306.85 per pair
SGN4 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (4mm Orange, White)$239.00 per pair$227.05 per pair
SGN4C 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (4mm Red, Blue, Yellow)$265.00 per pair$251.75 per pair
SGN5HTPP 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (5mm Orange or White)$599.00 per pair$569.05 per pair
SGN6 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx10'B Soccer Net (6mm Orange)$360.00 per pair$342.00 per pair
SGNHEX3-W 8'Hx24'Wx4'Dx8'B Soccer Net (3mm hex White)$473.00 per pair$449.35 per pair
SGNWC4 8'Hx24'Wx6.5'D World Cup Net (4mm White)$444.00 per pair$421.80 per pair
SGNHEX3WC-W 8'Hx24'Wx6.5'Dx6.5'B World Cup Soccer Net (3mm hex White)$473.00 per pair$449.35 per pair
PGLAXPS1218 Multi-sport Backstop$339.00 each$322.05 each
SGNBAG Soccer Net Bag$53.00 each$50.35 each

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