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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Videos & DVDs -- Micro SoccerNon-Members Members
RD-02512B 30 Games and Activities for U8 Soccer Players$24.99 each$23.12 each
RD-02512A 35 Games and Activities for U6 Soccer Players$24.99 each$23.12 each
D752 Coaching 6 to 10 Year Olds: 62 Games and Exercises for Young Players$28.45 each$27.03 each
5989 How To Coach Very Young Soccer Players (DVD)$24.99 each$23.74 each
RD-02512 Iowa Soccer Association Games and Activities for Youth Soccer Series$44.99 per set$41.62 per set
5422 Let 'em Play: Soccer Coaching Tips For Youth Players U-6 to U-12$24.99 each$23.74 each
SS101 Modern Youth Training - Playing and Practicing with 5-6 Year Olds$29.95 each$26.95 each
SS100 Modern Youth Training Ages 5-12 (Set of 3 DVDs)$74.95 per set$67.45 per set
7108 NSCAA Soccer Coaches Guides$44.95 per set$42.70 per set
7121 NSCAA Soccer Coaches Guides (Set of Three DVDs)$49.99 per set$47.49 per set
5401 Soccer Coaches Guide Part 1: For Players 5-7 Years Old$24.99 each$23.74 each
D3281 Youth Soccer Coaching Model U-6$29.95 each$26.95 each
D328 Youth Soccer Coaching Model U-6 thru U-12 (4 DVD Set)$99.95 per set$89.95 per set
D3282 Youth Soccer Coaching Model U-8$29.95 each$26.95 each

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