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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Videos & DVDs -- Women's SoccerNon-Members Members
BD-02935 ACL Injury Prevention for Female Athletes$39.99 each$36.99 each
D3652 Advanced Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
RD-04555 All Access Florida Soccer Practice$119.99 per set$110.99 per set
911 All the Goals of the 99 Women's World Cup$29.95 each$26.95 each
5409 Attacking Soccer in the Women's Game (2 Disc DVD)$29.99 per set$28.49 per set
7134 Champion's Soccer Series 3 DVD Set$49.99 each$47.49 each
5491 Champion's Soccer Series Disc 1$24.99 each$23.74 each
5492 Champion's Soccer Series Disc 2$24.99 each$23.74 each
5493 Champion's Soccer Series Disc 3$24.99 each$23.74 each
D9031 Coaching Tactical Formations for Women's Soccer$28.45 each$27.03 each
D3112 Coaching the 1-4-3-3 with Tony DiCicco$29.95 each$26.95 each
D961 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - All the Goals$29.95 each$26.95 each
D963 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - Great Saves and Near Misses$29.95 each$26.95 each
D960SET FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - Set of 6$147.70 per set$140.30 per set
D964 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - The Final Match$29.95 each$26.95 each
D960 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - The Highlights$29.95 each$26.95 each
D962 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - The Stars$29.95 each$26.95 each
D965 FIFA Women's World Cup USA 2003 - USA v Canada (3rd Place Match)$29.95 each$26.95 each
D3651 Individual Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
D311 Playing Systems with 3 Strikers - Anson Dorrance and Tony DiCicco$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
D3111 Playing the 1-3-4-3 with Anson Dorrance$29.95 each$26.95 each
D365 Soccer Skills with Anson Dorrance (2-DVD set)$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
GD-01924A Surviving Competition: The Difference Between Female and Male Athletes in Competitive Situations$29.99 each$27.74 each
GD-01924B Surviving Practices: Creating a Winning Practice Environment Through Gender Understanding$29.99 each$27.74 each
D903 Tactics for Women's Soccer Video Series$49.95 per set$44.95 per set
D9032 The Basics of Attacking and Defending in Women's Soccer$28.45 each$27.02 each
GD-01924 The Survival Guide to Coaching Female Athletes$54.99 per set$50.87 per set
D775 Training Championship Players and Teams$85.45 per set$81.18 per set
D7751 Training Championship Players and Teams Part 1: The Competitive Cauldron$33.20 each$31.54 each
D7752 Training Championship Players and Teams Part 2: Small Group Tactics$33.20 each$31.54 each
D7753 Training Championship Players and Teams Part 3: The North Carolina System$33.20 each$31.54 each
7051 Training Girls and Women to Win (3 Disc Set)$49.99 per set$47.49 per set
5981 Training Girls and Women To Win - Disc 1$24.99 each$24.09 each
5982 Training Girls and Women To Win - Disc 2$24.99 each$23.74 each
5983 Training Girls and Women To Win - Disc 3$24.99 each$23.74 each
D966 Welcome to Our World: USA Players'-Eye View of the 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup $28.45 each$27.03 each

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