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The SoccerMall features the following items in this category...

Field Equipment -- Under-sized GoalsNon-Members Members
SFPG712 7'x12' Folding Goals$907.00 per pair$861.65 per pair
SFP46 Folding Plastic Goal$132.00 each$125.40 each
SFPT46 Folding/Telescoping Plastic Goal$159.00 each$151.05 each
FSG-1 Futsal Soccer Goal$1,237.00 per pair$1,175.15 per pair
GTG Goal to Go Pop-Up Goals$119.00 per pair$113.05 per pair
GTG05 Goal to Go Target$84.00 each$79.80 each
SFPG712HD Heavy Duty 7'x12' Folding Goals$1,110.00 per pair$1,054.50 per pair
STG510HD Heavy Duty Soccer Training Goal (5'Hx10'W)$340.00 each$323.00 each
STG718HD Heavy Duty Soccer Training Goal (7'Hx18'W)$522.00 each$495.90 each
SIG49RPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Round Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$2,080.00 per pair$1,976.00 per pair
SIG612RPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Round Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$2,258.00 per pair$2,145.10 per pair
SIG618RPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Round Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx3'Dx6.5'B)$2,499.00 per pair$2,374.05 per pair
SIG712RPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Round Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx7'B)$2,180.00 per pair$2,071.00 per pair
SIG721RPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Round Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,678.00 per pair$2,544.10 per pair
SIG49SQPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Square Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$2,074.00 per pair$1,970.30 per pair
SIG612SQPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Square Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$2,258.00 per pair$2,145.10 per pair
SIG618SQPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Square Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx3'Dx6.5'B)$2,499.00 per pair$2,374.05 per pair
SIG712SQPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Square Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx7'B)$2,289.00 per pair$2,174.55 per pair
SIG721SQPP Official Indoor/Outdoor Square Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,678.00 per pair$2,544.10 per pair
SOGT712 Official Patented Aluminum Telescoping Goal (7'Hx12'W)$2,048.00 per pair$1,945.60 per pair
SOG23RPP Official Round Goal (2.5'Hx3'Wx6"Dx2'B)$908.00 per pair$862.60 per pair
SOG49RPP Official Round Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$1,785.00 per pair$1,695.75 per pair
SOG612RPP Official Round Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,943.00 per pair$1,845.85 per pair
SOG618RPP Official Round Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx2'Dx6'B)$2,258.00 per pair$2,145.10 per pair
SOG712RPP Official Round Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,969.00 per pair$1,870.55 per pair
SOG721RPP Official Round Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,415.00 per pair$2,294.25 per pair
SOG23SQPP Official Square Goal (2.5'Hx3'Wx6"Dx2'B)$908.00 per pair$862.60 per pair
SOG49SQPP Official Square Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$1,785.00 per pair$1,695.75 per pair
SOG612SQPP Official Square Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,943.00 per pair$1,845.85 per pair
SOG618SQPP Official Square Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx2'Dx6'B)$2,258.00 per pair$2,145.10 per pair
SOG712SQPP Official Square Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,969.00 per pair$1,870.55 per pair
SOG721SQPP Official Square Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,415.00 per pair$2,294.25 per pair
SOG49RU Official Unpainted Round Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$1,575.00 per pair$1,496.25 per pair
SOG612RU Official Unpainted Round Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,680.00 per pair$1,596.00 per pair
SOG618RU Official Unpainted Round Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,890.00 per pair$1,795.50 per pair
SOG712RU Official Unpainted Round Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,733.00 per pair$1,646.35 per pair
SOG721RU Official Unpainted Round Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,016.00 per pair$1,915.20 per pair
SOG49SQU Official Unpainted Square Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$1,575.00 per pair$1,496.25 per pair
SOG612SQU Official Unpainted Square Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,680.00 per pair$1,596.00 per pair
SOG618SQU Official Unpainted Square Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,890.00 per pair$1,795.50 per pair
SOG712SQU Official Unpainted Square Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,733.00 per pair$1,646.35 per pair
SOG721SQU Official Unpainted Square Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$2,016.00 per pair$1,915.20 per pair
SLG412 Portable Soccer League Goal (4'Hx12'W)$938.00 per pair$891.10 per pair
SLG49 Portable Soccer League Goal (4'Hx9'W)$907.00 per pair$861.65 per pair
SLG510 Portable Soccer League Goal (5'Hx10'W)$960.00 per pair$912.00 per pair
SLG612 Portable Soccer League Goal (6'Hx12'W)$1,017.00 per pair$966.15 per pair
SLG618 Portable Soccer League Goal (6.5'Hx18'W)$1,184.00 per pair$1,124.80 per pair
SLG712 Portable Soccer League Goal (7'Hx12'W)$1,060.00 per pair$1,007.00 per pair
SLG721 Portable Soccer League Goal (7'Hx21'W)$1,237.00 per pair$1,175.15 per pair
FSG-2 Practice Futsal Soccer Goal$960.00 per pair$912.00 per pair
S2G49 Recreational Unpainted Goal (4.5'Hx9'Wx2'Dx4.5'B)$1,460.00 per pair$1,387.00 per pair
S2G510 Recreational Unpainted Goal (5'Hx10'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,460.00 per pair$1,387.00 per pair
S2G612 Recreational Unpainted Goal (6.5'Hx12'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,638.00 per pair$1,556.10 per pair
S2G618 Recreational Unpainted Goal (6.5'Hx18'Wx2'Dx6'B)$1,733.00 per pair$1,646.35 per pair
S2G712 Recreational Unpainted Goal (7'Hx12'Wx2'Dx7'B)$1,638.00 per pair$1,556.10 per pair
S2G721 Recreational Unpainted Goal (7'Hx21'Wx3'Dx7'B)$1,838.00 per pair$1,746.10 per pair
SG126 Samba Match Goal - 12ft x 6ft$285.00 each$270.75 each
SG167 Samba Match Goal - 16ft x 7ft$354.00 each$336.30 each
SG54 Samba Match Goal - 5ft x 4ft$125.00 each$118.75 each
SG84 Samba Match Goal - 8ft x 4ft$185.00 each$175.75 each
SBG23GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (2'Hx3'W)$145.00 each$137.75 each
SBG34GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (3'Hx4'W)$176.00 each$167.20 each
SBG46GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (4'Hx6'W)$218.00 each$207.10 each
SBG48GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (4'Hx8'W)$226.00 each$214.70 each
SBG510GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (5'Hx10'W)$246.00 each$233.70 each
SBG612GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (6'Hx12'W)$328.00 each$311.60 each
SBG618GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (6'Hx18'W)$403.00 each$382.85 each
SBG66GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (6'Hx6'W)$239.00 each$227.05 each
SBG68GBE Small Sided Goal with Ground Bar (6'Hx8'W)$255.00 each$242.25 each
SBG23E Small Sided Steel Goal (2'Hx3'W)$127.00 each$120.65 each
SBG34E Small Sided Steel Goal (3'Hx4'W)$161.00 each$152.95 each
SBG46E Small Sided Steel Goal (4'Hx6'W)$204.00 each$193.80 each
SBG48E Small Sided Steel Goal (4'Hx8'W)$214.00 each$203.30 each
SBG510E Small Sided Steel Goal (5'Hx10'W)$226.00 each$214.70 each
SBG612E Small Sided Steel Goal (6'Hx12'W)$308.00 each$292.60 each
SBG618E Small Sided Steel Goal (6'Hx18'W)$374.00 each$355.30 each
SBG66E Small Sided Steel Goal (6'Hx6'W)$210.00 each$199.50 each
SBG68E Small Sided Steel Goal (6'Hx8'W)$231.00 each$219.45 each
STRIKER46 Striker Goal (4'Hx6'Wx3'D)$199.00 each$189.05 each
STRIKER510 Striker Goal (5'Hx10'Wx3.5'D)$236.00 each$224.20 each
STRIKER68 Striker Goal (6'Hx8'Wx3.5'D)$225.00 each$213.75 each
STSG68 Telescoping Soccer Goal (6'Hx8'W)$826.00 per pair$784.70 per pair
STSG712 Telescoping Soccer Goal (7'Hx12'W)$1,221.00 per pair$1,159.95 per pair
STSG712HD Telescoping Soccer Goal (7'Hx12'W) - Heavy Duty Frame$1,393.00 per pair$1,323.35 per pair
STRIKERT6 Telescoping Striker Goal (T6)$277.00 each$263.15 each
STRIKERT8 Telescoping Striker Goal (T8)$307.00 each$291.65 each
ASG49 Transportable Soccer Goal (4.5'x9')$977.00 per pair$928.15 per pair
ASG612 Transportable Soccer Goal (6.5'x12')$1,159.00 per pair$1,101.05 per pair
ASG712 Transportable Soccer Goal (7'x12')$1,211.00 per pair$1,150.45 per pair
ASG618 Transportable/Adjustable Soccer Goal (6.5'x18')$1,369.00 per pair$1,300.55 per pair
ASG721 Transportable/Adjustable Soccer Goal (7'x21')$1,421.00 per pair$1,349.95 per pair

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