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Teaching Goalkeepers to Play Off the Line

Item Code: RD-05110D
Price: $29.99 each
$27.74 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

with Brent Erwin,
Grand Canyon University Assistant Coach; former goalkeeper coach with FC Dallas of the MLS (Major League Soccer); former goalkeeper coach with the U17 Men's U.S. National Team; former SMU Head Coach

The modern goalkeeper must be able to play high enough up-field to act as a sweeping defender behind a back four, thus intercepting through balls and snuffing out attacks before they even begin. However, a poor decision by a sweeper keeper can quickly leave the goal undefended. Brent Erwin lays out a clear set of principles and match triggers to help goalkeepers be decisive and effective in this video; he shares how to teach a goalkeeper when to come for the ball, and, when to prioritize protecting the goal.

Using a progression of individual goalkeeper and full team practice drills, Coach Erwin demonstrates drills for getting goalkeepers off their line and out of their comfort zones in order to be explosive in 1v1 situations and full field play. You'll be able to implement strategies to improve both technical aspects of goalkeeping (body positioning and hand foot placement) and tactical understanding of body position behind defenders and in line with the ball. Ultimately, goalkeepers will develop confidence in approaching the ball off the line in practice situations in order to perform confidently in high stakes game situations.

Practice Segments

Coach Erwin breaks down this video in three main segments. He first begins his session by using only his goalkeepers in a functional, unopposed situation dealing with the technical aspects of using your hands and feet. He also addresses how to effectively use the drop step for the goalkeeper to recover back on their line.

The second segment adds pressure in a 1v1 game that forces the goalkeeper to play just outside the 18 yard box. An additional element added is how goalkeepers deal with the "chip" shot from the attacker. This puts the goalkeeper in a position to have to choose to set and confront the situation or drop and stay closer to their goal.

Small Sided Game

The last segment of the video is a small sided game that includes not only the goalkeepers, but how to add the entire team to address the needs of the goalkeeper in a 6v6+2 game with the field divided up in thirds. This game creates many opportunities for the goalkeeper to come out of their area to deal with different types of balls.

Coach Erwin explains the teaching points he emphasizes during the game:

  • Best positioning to effectively sweep behind a back four
  • Clear triggers for when to sweep and when to recover
  • Proper technique for claiming through balls
  • Proper footwork for recovering to protect the goal
  • Recognizing situations where the keeper must anticipate and guard against being chipped
  • Clear communication and coordination with defenders
  • How the keeper should play based on the pressure on the ball
  • Which balls the keeper should come out to play vs. which balls the defenders should play
  • Encourage the player to take risks in practice so they know their range
Coach Erwin gives you everything you need to coach the goalkeeper when it comes to playing off your line and being able to play with your feet and hands. You'll learn the technique, player mindset, body position, and the proper positioning to best manage the space in front of the goalkeeper.

56 minutes. 2017.

Available in DVD format only.

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