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Soccer 101 for Parents

Item Code: 1032
Price: $9.95 each
$9.20 for SoccerROM Members)


Great for clubs and leagues.

Soccer 101 for Parents is a simple guide to allow the parents of young soccer players to get a better understanding of what they are watching, what to expect from youth soccer, the laws of the game, proper sideline etiquette, and a full glossary of soccer terms.

This booklet is designed for the person on the sidelines who is regularly asking "What was that call?", "Was that offside?", "Why did she do that?", etc. This booklet is designed for the person on the sideline who wants to know how best to support and encourage the players on the field.

If you would like to understand the game better which will allow you to enjoy what your kids are enjoying, and maybe even be able to talk to them about something they ENJOY, then this might be the exact booklet for you.

Soccer 101 for Parents Table of Contents:

  • Introduction - page 5
  • Getting Started - Being a Soccer Parent - page 7
  • How the Game Works - page 9
  • Rules of the Game - page 17
  • The Parents Corner - page 31
  • Sideline Etiquette - page 37
  • Summary - page 41
  • Glossary of Terms - page 49
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