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New Coach's Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer

Item Code: 1224
Price: $19.99 each
$18.99 for SoccerROM Members)


by Robert L. Koger

Special SoccerROM Pricing - reduced from $24.95!

A Complete Reference For Coaching Young Players Ages 4 Through 8

With 14 Million children playing organized soccer in the U.S., it's likely that your child will play at some point - and you may be the coach! While the rules of soccer are simple (though they are explained here), the techniques for coaching young children are not. This book covers everything from the rules and the layout of the field to the logistics of finding playing space, setting up practices, and even handling pesky parents. Don't coach your team without this book!


  1. Getting started as a coach
  2. The Soccer Field
  3. Understanding the game
  4. Rules of the game
  5. Start and restart actions
  6. Coach, player and parent equipment
  7. Referee and referee signals
  8. Starting the season
  9. Teaching soccer
  10. Developing your players
  11. Practice setup
  12. Warm up
  13. Practice skills and drills
  14. Start and restart practice
  15. Offense and defense skills
  16. Game preparation
  17. Game formations
  18. Nutrition and water
  19. Knowing your players characteristics
  20. Handling parents and other situations
  21. Fun things to do
Hardcover Book. 256 pages.

ISBN: 1602390312

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