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Don't limit the benefits of SoccerROM to just your team! A club-wide subscription to SoccerROM could be the most valuable step you take towards improved training for all the players in your association. And to make this easier, we have designed a program specifically for larger soccer organizations--the "Championship Account Program".

By subscribing to SoccerROM under the Championship Account Program, you can obtain full-year memberships for all your organization's coaches for only $20 US per account (a 33% discount off our base rate of $29.95 US). Your subscription will also provide your club with instant savings of 5-15% on every item purchased from the SoccerMall, and the ability to earn free SoccerMall merchandise through our Member Awards program!

Championship Account Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Championship Account Program registrations are available for groups of 20 or more.
  2. Payment must be made in advance with one check for the full amount.
  3. Participating groups must provide a printed list of the names, valid e-mail addresses, and phone numbers for all coaches covered by this group registration. This list should be submitted together with your payment, and will allow us to properly credit your accounts.

    - OR -

    We can provide you with a "Program ID Code" for you to distribute to your coaches, which they can use to register within your organization's block of accounts.

After we receive your payment and configure your account block, your coaches will activate their accounts individually using our online registration system. This process will allow each coach to select his or her unique username and password.

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can activate under the terms of this program. Additional accounts (beyond your original registration amount) may be added at the discounted rate in blocks of 5 or more. Also, please note that due to the significant discount offered by this program, no refunds will be provided.

Make the most of your training--contact us at admin@soccerrom.com or call (281) 617-2673 to "CAP" your coaches today!

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Customer Comments

"As always, you guys are great! I tell every coach I know about this program! My next two coaches meetings I plan on putting it into my coaches handbook. I have around 300 coaches and assistant coaches. The cost is so low, I don't feel like I even need to bother with the discount! Keep it up!"

-LB (Alexandria, Virginia)


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