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Coordination, Agility and Speed Training for Soccer (DVD)

Item Code: D228
Price: $28.45 each
$27.03 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

Special SoccerROM Pricing - reduced from $29.95!

with Peter Schreiner

This truly outstanding DVD provides step-by-step progressions of over 200 exercises from which soccer coaches will receive many valuable training ideas that will increase their player's speed, balance, agility, footwork, and turning ability. In addition, they will enhance jumping power and acceleration, while developing a broad-based foundation that serves to make technical training more effective.

Featuring the youth players from UEFA Cup Champions Schalke 04, each exercise from their training program is clearly demonstrated. This program has been used successfully to develop their youth players and maintain the highest level of their first team players. Selected video clips from German matches clearly show the meaning, purpose and results of this training program. Youth, high school, college and professional coaches will find many creative ideas suitable for their training needs. 120 minutes.


  • Developing a sense of rhythm, coordination and footwork
  • Body control after leaping, turning, and changing direction
  • Fast perception
  • The ability to maintain balance under physical pressure and the pressure of time
  • Fast change of direction after sprints, turns, and leaps
  • Combinations of steps and their precise execution even under constraints of time and physical pressure
  • Rhythm training for balance, footwork, changing direction and acceleration
  • Developing and maintaining speed, explosion, change of pace, and recovery
This excellent DVD will give you a complete and easy-to-follow guide which will be a great addition to your own training program.

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