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Indi Cowie: Learn Freestyle Soccer

Item Code: YRD-04752
Price: $29.99 each
$27.74 for SoccerROM Members)

Sizes/Formats:  DVD

with Indi Cowie, Professional Soccer Freestyler
Indi has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, and has been featured on ESPN, AOL's "You've Got." and the "Talented Youth of America" edition of the New York Times Magazine; performed at halftime in front of 76,000 fans during a Man Utd and Chelsea match at Old Trafford.

Freestyle soccer combines sport with art. It's a way for athletes to be creative and have fun while perfecting their soccer skills. Professional Soccer Freestyler, Indi Cowie, reveals over 20 of her favorite freestyle soccer moves that you can practice and perfect.

Indi teaches and demonstrates a variety of freestyle soccer moves including stalls, catches, and juggles. These moves speed up your foot skills in a fun, challenging environment.

With Indi's in-depth explanation and progressions, you will learn the key techniques, breakdowns, and tricks you need to successfully perform each move.

As a coach, you can use these concepts to keep your players engaged in practice and eager to work with the ball. Freestyle soccer dramatically improves a player's first touch. Regular soccer "juggling" and keepy-up improves control of the ball in only 2-dimensions. Freestyle soccer provides 3-dimensional ball movement and improves a player's ability to control the ball quickly from any area around their body and with any surface.

Freestyle soccer also significantly improves a player's confidence with a ball and develops a creative mind set. It also encourages players to spend time working with a ball on their own - ALL YOU NEED IS A BALL!

Have fun and push your boundaries as a soccer player while being creative and developing your first touch on the ball. See what new freestyle soccer moves you can learn and perform using this world class presentation!

58 minutes. 2015.

Available in DVD format only.

This item usually ships within one business day. Fulfillment for this product (including any exchanges or returns) will be processed directly by Championship Productions, Inc..

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