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Exercise #47: Knockout!


This exercise is a fun, competitive game for your players to play while requiring them to focus on dribbling and shielding.


Set up a square grid with four cones. Have your players, each with their own ball, dribble around inside the grid, working on their moves (feints, pulling the ball back, etc.). When the coach says "Knockout!" they should try to knock the other players' balls out of the grid while maintaining possession of their own ball. Being "in possession" means being no more than one step away from their ball. The last person who remains in the grid with his ball is the winner.


Allow each player who is "knocked out" to perform a pre-determined task (10 hops, 10 sit ups, etc.), and then return to the game without a ball. These players can then try to knock out the balls of the remaining dribblers, thus increasing the pressure of the game significantly.



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