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Exercise #357: Footwork Through Cones


This exercise combines many different footwork drills that will increase the speed of your keeper's feet while making him concentrate on holding the correct "ready" position.


Set up a row of cones along the top of the goal area. Have your goalkeeper face forward and zig-zag through the cones, brushing the grass with side steps. He should keep his hands up in the ready position, and take as many short steps as possible. Initially, perform the exercise at a slow pace (with the keeper concentrating on the correct ready position and footwork), and then speed up later repetitions. To increase fitness demands, have the keeper perform 10 sit-ups or push-ups at the end of each pass through the cones.


1. Next, have your keeper execute the same exercise but with his back to the cones.
2. Now have your keeper shuffle (slalom-style) through the cones while facing forward.
3. Last, have them weave through the cones while facing forward and running. Sprint back to the beginning.



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